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Les Danses Africaines

Les Danses Africaines

In 1990 this exciting African ballet was founded in Dakar by young and enthusiastic ballet dancers and musicians. In a brief period of time the group grew to become the best company in the country. They are renowned for their exceptional talent, gracious choreographies, extensive and varied repertoire and professional approach. But the company is also widely praised for the pure and unique way in which the musicians use the traditional West African musical instruments.

The group comprises very young and dedicated artists, varying in age from 16 to 30. With great pleasure they perform the different dances that have emerged over the centuries from a diversity of cultures and people in West Africa. In this way, the audience gains an insight into the culture of this fascinating part of Africa in a spectacular and unsurpassed show! GORÉE, MON HISTOIRE is in Europe for the first time with a very varied show filled with adventure, movement, music and spectacle.

Gorée, mon Histoire

GORÉE, MON HISTOIRE is a stunning spectacle of music and dance based on the history of the island Gorée. In an outline story, it sketches the turbulent life of Africans in the colonial era. It does not just show the humiliation and suffering of the slaves, but also the liberation from slavery. GORÉE, MON HISTOIRE is about the colonials but also about the Africans who collaborated and sold their own people into slavery.

These collaborators took the most beautiful girls from the group to be their own mistresses. All these themes are integrated into a beautiful and impressive show. Based around a dramatic love story, we see the lives of a boy and a girl who are torn apart by slave traders. She is chosen by one of the traders to be his mistress.

That is but one of the scenes with which LES DANSES AFRICAINES impressively tells the story of the special Isle of Gorée in dance, song and action. Slave songs, slave dances, festive rituals etc. form an important part of this unusual show.


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