Peter Ultee Productions

Out of Africa

Out of Africa

The Magic of Kenya

The stirring dance of the majestic Masai warriors; the close harmony songs of female dancers; a ballet of flamingos; the funky African Jazz rhythms and uplifting joyful Benga Music from the nightclubs of Mombasa and Nairobi. All suffused with the tireless energy and vitality of the Africans, who tackle each crisis with a dose of creativity and flexibility. Certainly a great way to brighten up our lives in Europe!

Following hit productions like Sikulu, Stamping, African Mamas and Daughters of Africa, producer Peter Ultee has been working with director Leoni Jansen to come up with a full-length show featuring both traditional and contemporary Kenya. For one and a half hours you will be enthralled by a cast of 25 of Kenya’s finest singers, dancers and musicians. Join in their celebration of life.


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